Dimensions (in mm):

  • Internal length:
  • Internal width:
  • Internal height:
  • External length:
  • External width:
  • External height:

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Specialised containers are also a subcategory of roller containers but, as they differ from the aforementioned in terms of characteristics and purpose, they are presented separately. All the specialised containers are exceptionally durable and their capacity ranges from 5m3 (model for  sludge and screenings) to 40 m3 (model for wooden waste).

Variants of specialised containers

Specialised containers – besides on the basis of their capacity – are divided also on the basis of their construction and variants with different purposes. Highly tight ones are suitable for collecting and transporting liquid waste (e.g. from sewage treatment plants) and tarpaulin for hook lift units (e.g. waste on palettes). We offer containers:

  • uncovered (also in airtight variant),
  • tow-type container,
  • with a screw conveyor,
  • tarpaulin-type,
  • with a retractable roof,
  • acid-resistant, bent.

Specialised containers and their purpose

Specialised containers in our offer have a variety of different purposs. They are meant to be used for collecting and transporting waste, such as:

  • wooden waste
  • waste sticking to the floor in the winter,
  • pressed waste,
  • sawdust, wood chips, wheats,
  • liquid waste (e.g. from a sewage treatment plant),
  • sediment, settlement, sludge,
  • waste on pallets,
  • waste in barrels,
  • waste in big-bags (e.g. building rubble),
  • heavy machines waste,
  • water separator.