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  • Internal length:
  • Internal width:
  • Internal height:
  • External length:
  • External width:
  • External height:

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Roller containers were manufactured according to DIN 30 722 norm. Their capacity ranges from 10m3 to 40 m3 – because of this large variety, there is no problem in finding the product fullfilling our needs. The aim of the roller containers is transporting and storing various types of waste, including: building waste, industrial waste, municipal waste and others. We offer our products in the basic RAL color palette.

Types of roller containers

There are many various types of roller containers in our offer:

  • open (including net/mesh),
  • with a retractable or tilting roof,
  • covered.

A different classification of roller containers can be made based on their application and the type of waste that can be stored or transported inside them, including:

  • renovation/building waste,
  • rubble,
  • selective waste,
  • waste for the Selective Waste Collection Point,
  • sludge and screenings,
  • industrial waste.

Which  industries utilize roller containers?

A roller container is often used for municipal and selective waste transportation and by other companies which producte industrial waste. As a natural consequence of the aforementioned applications, roller containers find their place in Selective Waste Collection Points and in sewage treatmenmt plants. It is not uncommon for them to be used by building and renovation companies, which, due to their line of work, generate big quantities of rubble and waste daily.

To summarize – a roller container is generally used for collecting and transporting waste such as:

  • industrial material from a sewage treatment plant or a slaughterhouse,
  • bulky and building waste,
  • packaging waste,
  • pressed waste,
  • liquid waste from a sewage treatment plant,
  • scrap metal,
  • waste on pallets, in barrels,
  • lightweight waste,
  • sawdust, wood chips, wheats.

Types of roller containers

We offer different types and variants of roller containers:

  • adapted for the hook lift – type transport,
  • equipped with casters,
  • stacked,
  • with a rollable tarpaulin,
  • continously welded, which improves their tightness,
  • bent,
  • from the acid-resistant steel (grade 1.4301/304)
  • equipped with the retractable, double-leaf roof,
  • with retractable side walls and handles to secure the cargo,
  • adapted for HDS (Hydraulic Crane System),
  • eqipped with a screw conveyor.