Optional modification

Containers which we present in this catalogue are the models most commonly ordered by our customers. However, we offer a wide variety of their modifications and adjustments for the specific requirements. We are aware that every sort of business activity has its unique needs – and so, please find the list of modifications that we implement optionally in our containers enclosed below. It is not a closed list, as we are continuously searching for new solutions which would allow for easier and more comfortable usage of our products; making them more functional in the process.

Kontenery na odpady marki Ekombud

Optional additions

  • rollable tarpaulin
  • additional step
  • flaps : on a spring, tilting upwards-downwards on na spring, flap door, tilting flap with a damper
  • tightening of a container
  • cable-type hitch
  • leak trays with WeMa grate
  • hooks for securing the cargo
  • aluminium side boards
  • side walls made out of tarpaulin (curtain-like)
  • screw conveyor
  • tilting roof with a jack
  • folding hook
  • breakwater – anti-overflow metal sheets on the roof
  • internal partition wallsdrain valve on the floor
  • stackable containers
  • anti-skid perforated floor
Kontenery na odpady wyprodukowane przez Ekombud

Custom-made containers

If you require a non-standardized container – that is not a problem for us. We can adjust our current models for your specific requests or our engeneers can create an entirely new project for you – in terms of dimensions as well as additional modifications. We are also open to implementing new solutions in our production process.

Because of this, we continuously obtain interesting projects for our portfolio, e.g. transportation tow truck container for the army, specialized containers for the fire brigade or grain containers with dampers. Please find selected unusual projects of ours below.

Kontener rolkowy KP20 DH ze stelażem DIN 30 722-1