Experience through practice

Production of the containters is just one of our activities. We replied to the market’s expectations by widening the profile of our services through engaging in the activity in the municipal waste sector. Within our company, we also conduct the sorting of the recyclable materials. We are constantly investing in our machinery in order to ensure the highest quality of our offered servces. Our core objectives are development and modernization. This is why, in the nearest future, we are going to implement in our plant the first automated line with optic separators for recyclables in Poland. Ekombud is the company which operates on the principles of sustainable development. Ecology and environmental awareness are one of the main points of our strategy. We aim to widen the society’s knowledge of the role of the proper waste segregation in the protection of the natural environment.

It is important for all of us to understand the role of each and every one of us in taking care of our planet. We must always remember that what takes place in the micro scale (in our homes and gardens) impacts the macro scale (natural environment).

We focus on education

We think that through the systematic education it is both possible and necessary to change the attitude of people towards the matters regarding waste segregation. That is why we created the original educational programme ‘’Eko-akademia 2030’’, targeted at kids and teenagers. The aims of the programme are eductation and presentation of the issues regarding recycling, closed circut management and broadly understood ecology. Within the framework of the project., we have tutored over 2500 children from schools and kindergardens. We also have a Facebook page, where we answer the most important questions regarding preservation of nature, we educate and cooperate with our visitors in order to find the ways to ensure environmental protection in our everyday routines. We popularize the behaviours and actions which enable the implementation of the Circular Economy.

The actions we take aim to improve the quality of life of the future generations. In case of our company, economy is not an empty catchphrase but a wise methode of assets management. All on behalf of the clean environment!