Dimensions (in mm):

  • Internal length:
  • Internal width:
  • Internal height:
  • External length:
  • External width:
  • External height:

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Containers intended for Selective Waste Collection Points is a category as varied as the number of categories of waste collected in  Points. Besides selective waste, batteries, old oils and other liquid substances can be brought to Points. That’s why each Point needs for collecting and  storing waste a lot of different, safe-for-use containers. We offer containers which capacities and applications will meet the demand of Points in small, medium and big cities.

Which containers for selective wste collection points do we offer?

In this specific category, we offer the following models for the different types of waste:

  • selective (e.g. paper, metals, plastics),
  • building and rubble,
  • industrial,
  • municipal waste mixed – but it must be noted that most of PSZOK-s does not allow this kind of waste,
  • on pallets, in big-bags and in barrels.

The majority of containers for Points is adapted for hook lift and some – for example mulda type – also for skip loading transport.

Which kinds of waste are stored in selective waste collection points?

Each Point has a separate policy and rules regarding accepting waste (compatible with the Polish state regulations, which needs to be underlined).  On the basis of the policy of one of the points in Cracow, it is possible to conclude that the following kinds of wase may be accepted there:

  • used AGD and RTV,
  • used batteries and accumulators,
  • old lightbulbs,
  • waste oils and edible fats,
  • paint thinners, paint, inks, alkali,
  • bulky waste ( e.g. furniture, carpets),
  • brick rubble and concrete waste,
  • used car tires,
  • plastics,
  • metals,
  • paper,
  • glass.

The waste brought by the private persons (free of charge) or by companies (charge according to the Point’s policy)  are transfered to the entities entitled to waste recovery, recycling or disposal.